Executive & Academic Coaching

Work and school demands come fast and quick: there is little time to think, let alone get organized, present a coherent business plan, chart marketing strategy, or map engineering projects. Start-ups cramp creativity when structure or leadership may be unavailable to support team members. College classrooms have become more impersonal and competitive. Many of us are challenged by the current work environment or the academic trajectory imposed upon us.

Having worked in business for over a decade, I understand pressure. With dual expertise as a psychotherapist and an educational therapist, I have worked with clients with ADHD/ADD and learning differences, but one does not need a diagnosis to get caught up in struggle. To cope with multiple demands of school or career, I offer strategies to strengthen executive functioning in time management, strategic planning, and self regulation. Understanding the nuances of interacting with difficult co-workers, setting project priorities and managing workload stress helps clients build self-reliance.

Sometimes self-defeating thoughts and ideas, learned from past disappointments, become barriers to mastering challenges. As a cognitive therapist, I individualize tools to process previously learned, unhelpful thinking. Guiding clients to strengthen emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and apply interpersonal strategies can reduce the mental load that interferes with a sense of achievement. Integrating mindful awareness when confronted by challenges encourages self-acceptance and a willingness to continue.