I believe psychotherapy can fulfill client goals. So my work is values-based and client-centered. I respect evidenced-based methods, which means there are recognized research findings to support my theoretical foundation and practices. In keeping with my professional ethics, I am a member of local and national organizations where I continue peer learning as new findings in psychotherapy-related fields emerge.

Solution-focused and behavior-based therapies inform my work, still I fit the technique to client needs and context, rather than the reverse. To this end, we begin by engaging in discussion. “What brings you in?”, “What do you want to accomplish with therapy?”, “What are you wiling to do to live your values?”, “Can we generate a problem-list and talk about what’s working and what’s not?” I often include paper and pencil exercises to help ground and illuminate our clinical discussions.

As a collaborative therapist, our sessions are a partnership, a relationship-based process focused on client self-discovery. Mindful noticing is a core element in the therapeutic endeavor. Guided practice during the session is personal and experiential, an opportunity to self-observe with compassion in the safety of the therapeutic environment. It is essential to gradually “try out” new behavior in the real world. The experience of enacting new behavior in one’s daily environment is processed and integrated later, in-session. Gaining awareness of habits or long-held assumptions that may be self-limiting empowers change and new learning. I support progress tracking of the goals the client is seeking to activate: it is rewarding to see evidence of one’s efforts.

Working with chronic pain and insomnia are specific areas of interest for me. Career and academic coaching along with art therapy are rewarding domains for my work. I am trained in evidence-based treatment models for these clinical specialities.

My fees are based on length of session; books or materials provided are charged at the market rate. Fees and costs are payable at the time of service, preferably by cash or check (credit card payment is available with applicable bank fees). Receipts can be provided for insurance reimbursement. I set my fees consistent with current industry rates, yet I am always receptive to discussing fee adjustments should need dictate.