Chronic Pain

Living with physical pain often leads to emotional suffering. We try wishing, hoping, praying for the pain to go away…it hangs on. The mind saying: “if only…” So we “chase the pain”: searching for the “right” doctor, relying on medication that dulls senses, waking up to hopelessness and social isolation. Is there another way through the woods?

Yes there is: learning to resist thoughts of escape and urges to make it go away. Can we attempt just a bit to focus on how we want to live…what we want to do? Creating moments when we feel alive and practicing vitality—and less anguish. Moving through pain to build a life worth living…yes, even with the pain.

My work with clients begins with an assessment of your daily experience: learning about your history, what you have tried, what worked and did not work, and collaborating with your healers to better understand where you are today. Group therapy allows us a shared, empathic experience where we connect and walk with others who know what we feel. Individual work sustains self-compassion.

Within a flexible format tailored to participants, we develop an individualized acceptance-based approach to living and engaging with our life, even if it must be within the context of difficult thoughts and physical sensations. We notice our pain cycle with its triggers and consequences, observing ourselves and applying a “change” agenda to validate our experience, find direction, and remain alive in this world.