Who has not experienced bouts of sleeplessness? Yet many struggle nightly to fall asleep or endure “broken sleep”. Often one turns to medication (which we know lacks long term effectiveness) and can, ironically, increase the difficulty of falling and staying asleep. So begins the sleep journey: trying new techniques, searching for ways to block any possible intrusion that might interfere with the seemingly impossible release into sleep.

Acceptance-based CBTi (Cognitive Based Treatment for Insomnia) has proven to be the first line, gold standard for insomnia treatment. CBTi is an individualized treatment, recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine,, with over fifty clinical trials proving effectiveness.

An acceptance-based CBTi treatment promotes a healthier relationship with sleep, encouraging well-being and self-regulation. Beginning by understanding your unique sleep cycle, we learn more about how you sleep, what brings you to sleep and keeps you from sleep. Over the course of four to six weeks, you practice healthy sleep routines, build awareness of your unique sleep/wake cycle and most importantly, uncover ineffective coping strategies (such as negative thought and behavior patterns) that can ambush the nightly release into restorative sleep.

Stepping back, observing and noticing progress and setbacks, a new perspective and a willingness emerges to allow the healthy escape into the daily ritual of sleep.