Individual Therapy

I work with adults and adolescents to help with anxiety and depression: learning new skills to more effectively handle difficult thoughts and feelings associated with panic, worry, sadness and hopelessness. All of us want to experience moments of joy and fulfillment individually and within our relationships. We all want to learn effective ways to get along with difficult people or master frustrating situations.

People come to therapy for different reasons. Some clients are looking for a supportive and safe place to discuss and reflect in a collaborative atmosphere. Others seek healing from past experiences. In addition to a safe and supportive atmosphere, I offer tools to cope with life problems. Clients are most rewarded when they bring a willingness to reflect on personal values, learn interpersonal skills, and try out new ways of living.

I rely on evidence-based practices like CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) to form the foundation of our work together. Taking steps to live consistent with our values and walking a life-path that is meaningful and vital is the work I offer. Seeking mindfulness: being aware of our present experience, moment-to-moment, practicing acceptance of ourselves and others, and letting go of unhelpful urges and clinging, are integral components of the therapy.

Through collaboration and reflection, one can uncover personal belief systems that may no longer be helpful, and consider new ways of interpreting situations. We use guided practice to experiment with new interpersonal strategies, manage distress, and gain skills in regulating emotional ups and downs. One awakens to new opportunities to meet the challenges of career, relationship, and family.