Couples Counseling

Consistent with my philosophy, my work with couples is committed to evidence-based practices and a mindful compassion for self and other. I have been trained in the work of Julie and John Gottman and the principles of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy by Dr. Sue Johnson. I also rely on principles of acceptance and commitment therapy in my work.

Couples seek counseling for a variety of reasons, often partners wish to resolve conflict and decrease distance, overcome communication obstacles, and restore emotional flexibility. Sustaining a secure relationship with one’s partner is a core value for people in committed relationships.

The client in couples counseling is the “relationship”, so the first step is an understanding of each person’s perceptions, values and needs. We set goals for the work focused on creating partnerships that honor each person’s values; I explain communication strategies that are tailored to the couples needs and the couple is encouraged to try out the strategies within the session. My role is primarily to coach and facilitate communication. Couples are active and involved in session; I avoid advice and lecture. Practice outside the session is essential to working with the strategies introduced in the session. Couples return to process and fine-tune their experience with the goal of increasing dialogue, embracing intimacy, and building their dreams together.

Because the focus is on the “relationship”, less time can be devoted to individual issues. Individual therapy is often recommended for one or both partners to heal issues that may be impacting the relationship.